There’s something brokenly beautiful about that classic Dylan ballad, how he somehow fleshed out two entire characters in just a few unrequited verses. It starts as a conversation back and forth via letters: one person needs to chase far-off horizons, and the other simply longs for the one who wants to wander. The conversation soon becomes one-sided, a single voice speaking its fragile hope out across the ocean…waiting to hear something in reply.

We don’t know if those boots ever arrived, and we’ve heard a variety of things this candle reminds people of: their grandpa’s truck, a memory of a previous time…him.

Whatever Spanish Leather may mean to you is a definition we leave open. It’s the ephemeral, the ineffable. The flicker of a moment — a memory — in a flame.

A body of luxurious leather, weathered wood and pipe tobacco mix with warm top-notes of Spanish rum. The result is an incredibly grounding yet intoxicating scent evocative of long voyages, dim libraries, ascending wisps of smoke and half-finished glasses of brown liquor.

Each candle is 8 oz. and is made with a natural coconut/apricot wax blend. Hand-poured in the United States using premium aroma oils, they are 100% free of phthalates and materials with similar health concerns (including those on California's Prop 65 list).