"Against the containing walls of the cave of Pech Merle, prehistoric artists held their hands and blew red ochre and black cinder over them, leaving tracery visible 20,000 years later. The hands appear to ride the energy of the horses across the wall, evoking a kind of shamanic permeability of human, animal and spirit worlds. At the same time, the distinctive five fingers upraised suggest the expressive potential of emerging human consciousness brought into realization by hands like those that produced these incomparable images."

The Book of Symbols

The human hand is one of the factors that makes us singular unique within the animal kingdom. This unique wall art is offered to serve as a reminder of power and strength, affirmation and blessing. Use it as a focus for meditation or simply a visual reminder to keep pursuing the path that lies before you. Comes with an attached hook on the back for easy hanging.

Dimensions: 8x9.5"