Somewhere, out beyond the horizon, is a world waiting to be discovered.

Dark rivers.
Windswept coasts.
Dense jungles. 
Vast deserts.
Sparkling archipelagos.

Each of these places contains countless things to see and experience. We believe that if we come to these experiences open and curious enough, we can learn something more deeply about ourselves in the process. 

Lost Cargo seeks out the pockets of our planet where unique expressions of culture and the natural world still exist – the lost cargo left behind by a world that charges maddeningly forward. The goods we supply are meant to cultivate a love for adventure, of going out into the world and coming back again with tales to tell of the colors, textures and wonders we encountered along the way.

We are, above all, purveyors of curiosity and appreciation.

Whether we offer original pieces or remix and reimagine vintage pieces into contemporary expressions, we pay respect to the context from which they originated. When possible, we work directly with local or indigenous residents we have established working partnerships with, or through existing sustainable and equitable networks. 

The pieces we offer frequently come with stories. If they do not, then they are merely waiting to become a part of your story...which, of course, we look forward to hearing.